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of the nsa, keith alexander, testified before congress and their defense was clear and aggressive. >> do you believe that the allies have conducted or at any time, any type of espionage activity against the united states of america, our intelligence services, our leaders or otherwise? >> absolutely. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. they continue to tray. it is the great members in the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement that have stood up and said, this is our job. >> defending themselves with passion and conviction which up to this point we hadn't seen much of in material of defense. jim shuuto watching today. what were the revelations at the hearing? >> you got the sense that they were just waiting to have the chance to push back like this. and they pushed back very strong. first on spying. both clapper and alexander saying that our allies spy on us, including on our leaders. that in fact the intelligence services in europe do so to an extent that maybe the elected leaders in europe are not aware of. and they made the a
't be accused of being vengeance, and that's a great challenge. >> now we have talked to some of the defense attorneys and they've told us it's a show trial. it's a charade. >> well, i don't think a test of any system is what the defense counsel say about it. >> reporter: but as hard as he tries to show it as a fair trial he keeps running into one obstacle after the next starting with the reputation of the venue itself guantanamo bay, where 114 detainees sit in these cells, most for 12 years. one of them cried out when he saw our cameras. >> please, we are tired. you leave us to die in this? tell the world the truth. let the world hear what's happening. >> 12 years. with no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everybody that we can try. >> does it in any way taint what you're doing? >> i wouldn't characterize it as taint. i believe it influences people's perceptions. >> lesley staal joins us. this is remarkable. so what defense will they raise? >> well, we're in pretrial hearings at the moment and they've been going on and on and will go f
talked to some of the defense attorneys and they've told us it's a show trial. it's a charade. >> well, i don't think a test of any system is what the defense counsel say about it. >> reporter: but as hard as he tries to show it as a fair trial he keeps running into one obstacle after the next starting with the reputation of the venue itself, guantanamo bay, where 114 detainees sit in these cells, most for 12 years. one of them cried out when he saw our cameras. >> please, we are tired. you leave us to die in this? tell the world the truth. let the world hear what's happening. >> 12 years. with no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everybody that we can try. >> does it in any way taint what you're doing? >> i wouldn't characterize it as taint. i believe it influences people's perceptions. >> lesley staal joins us. this is remarkable. so what defense will they raise? >> well, we're in pretrial hearings at the moment and they've been going on and on and will go for at least another year and at the moment the big issue is torture because all of the five de
playing defense who repeatedly says he simply wasn't aware there would be problems that would ultimately lead to a disastrous rollout. joining us now, fox news host, governor mike huckabee, who is here to offer his perspective. governor, great to have you. let me ask you first, what we're seeing is a law designed to cover the uninsured. it's now booting far more people off their insurance plans than it can sign up. right now, on the nonfunctioning insurance exchanges. governor, the longer this goes on, what does this do to the president who can't distance himself from a law he set in motion and the cornerstone of his leadership agenda. >> he really can't, uma. the fact is, he can say i didn't know about these problems. well he should have known. frankly, i don't believe for a moment that he didn't know. no less than nbc indicated that the president knew three years ago that everything he was saying at the podium, if you like your health insurance you can keep it. he knew that wasn't true. if he had explained that more people would lose their insurance than would keep it and that this pro
coach allen stood by his coach. >> i think he's done an outstanding job defense. i think he's a fiery guy. that is what is i think our players have really taken to that. of i think they've embrace that had. offense outscored their last opponent in the first half. raid yirs led at half time yesterday with only 35 yards of offense and one first down. the defense has been out standing this season. >> it's not always about how pret redoes it look? we have a defense playing out standing in the football game. only chance to get back in the game was for to us make mistakes and give opportunities. >> the trade deadline is 1:00 p.m. tomorrow there has been talk la michael james may be on the block. he shared his dissatisfaction on social media. 49ers just got back from london. we'll have another edition tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. vernon's view only on abc 7. stand ford moved frup six to number five thanks to a win on saturday they're also number two oregon, november 7th. now .s will be trog see what happens if we have four defeated teams at the year's end. oregon jumping over florida state. ojai ye
passes. that ties an nfl record, by the way. he looks great. the raiders defense, not so much. which talked to dep nis allen before the game. he put it bluntly. >> old fashion butt whipping. >> naturally, the raider nation, they were not so happy. what did you think about the raiders performance. >> it could have been better. it's all right. we're all faithful fans. >> just a little bit better. >> what can you do. >> if getting beat was not bad enough, raiders is suffering some key injuries. including darren mcfaden. lings toreel prior late in the game, suffering a knee injury. i did speak to toreel. after the game. he said it was a precautionary measure. he says it does feel all right and expects to be ready to face the giants next week in new york. >>> weather was pretty gray at times this afternoon, as the weather system came through. the gray skies kept away in temperatures. readings only in the 60s. warm spot, livermore at 68. temperatures were down 5-10 degrees in some locations. here's a look at the weather system. notice all the high clouds this afternoon, blocking the sunshi
the n.s.a. do it. but this kind of defense can actually backfire in a way. because for two reasons. one, it makes intelligence sharing to the extent it does happen more difficult. because now governments, the public in those countries will be outraged to find out their governments are involved with the n.s.a. and make it harder for those intelligence services to cooperate with the n.s.a. the other thing is to the extent that the argument, the defense is everybody does it, then the chinese get off the hook because they're engaged in a lot of cyber espionage and feel that's a defense they can use. the french are engaged in a lot of industrial espionage against the americans. so, you know, there's almost no way to see where this works out well. >> tom, you mentioned the spying, the interception of data from google and yahoo. are companies like that now shutting those doors that -- or those windows or whatever the right metaphor is that the n.s.a. was using? is the n.s.a. actually losing capability across the board because of these revelations? >> well, that's interesting, doyle. because th
hurt the defense case. our legal panel weighs in coming up. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. jon: breaking news on stories we're watching around the world. china suspect as car crash at beijing's tianamen square which an suv plowed into pedestrians killing five people was actually a suicide attempt. sources say beijing police are searching for two members of the china's muslim community for questioning. >>> hurricane-force winds battering europe from great britain to the netherlands killing more than a dozen people so far, cutting power for thousands and forcing the cancellation of hundreds of flights. >>> the captain of the ill-fated costa concordia back in court hearing testimony for a second day. witnesses describe the chaos on the night
vengeance. that's a great challenge. >> we have talked to some of the defense attorneys and they have told us it's a charade. >> i don't think any system what the counsel says about it. har har hard as he tries to see that it's a fair trial, he keeps running into one obstacle after the next. starting with the reputation of guantanamo where 164 detainees sit in the cells, most for nearly 12 years. except for the 9/11 five, most have not been charmed. cried out when he saw our cameras. >> you leave us to die? let the world hear what's happening! >> 12 years. no charges. >> that's one of the reasons i have a sense of urgency to try everyone we can try. >> does this taint what you are doing? >> i don't believe it taints but influences perceptions. >> joining us this is remarkable. what defense will they raise? >> we are in pretrial hearings at the moment and they have been going on and on and will go for another year. at the moment the big issue is torture. all of the five defendants this is the 50 trial from 9/11. all of the defendants were taken to these black sites and subm
an opportunistic defense they picked ben roethlisberger off twice in the 4th quarter sunday many of the raiders top defenders are on one-year contracts and want to show they belong >> gary: would you like to buy a t-shirt for your kid after a prior arrest? >> catherine: not for your children now. >> gary: gardner out for season >> gary: stanford's two-time all-pac-12 defensive end and captain ben gardner will miss the remainder of the season with a torn pectoral muscle suffered in the win over oregon state saturday. gardner is a fifth-year s senior, so this effectively ends his stanford career. >> gary: the timing of this injury couldn't be worse for the 5th-ranked cardinal as they take on #2 oregon a week from thursday in palo alto. >> gary: gardner will undergo surgery on thursday >> gary: red sox game 6 tickets the chance to see the red sox win a world series at home for the first time since 1918 has turned game 6 at fenway park into the most expensive local ticket in boston history. $1,860 >> gary: this morning the average price for a ticket to tomorrow night's game was $1,860. bleacher seats t
defense in the second half of the season. >> it will be a huge boost to the defense. but the 49ers have won five games in a row without aldon smith. more news after this. >>> well, they're just like all of us. president obama and the first lady did what millions of americans did tonight, handed out candy. trick-or-treaters got a box of white house m&ms, jelly beans, a serving of dried fruit. they've got to do that, and a white house sweet dough butter cookie made by the white house executive pastry chef. not bad. >> that's the place to go halloween night. halloween is also an excuse for adults to dress up. that was matt lauer, the "today" show host running in a baywatch red bathing suit. all the staff dressed up. there we go. mr. t, al roker, laverne and shirley. >> that's matt lauer on the far right. >> that's odds. >> he stole the show. the theme this morning, retro tv for the morning crew. >> showing off those legs. >> happy halloween. thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. t
is it different from self defense? the original stand your ground law was en acted by florida lawmakers in 2005. by more than 20 other states since this then. a version of self defense but with a twist. with self defense, you must e escape if you have a safe opportunity to do so. with stand your ground, you can stay and defend yourself. it also expands the castle doctorine number you are allowed to go. we asked our legal contributor, jamie floyd for more insight into that law. >> stand your ground in florida is a motion you bring before you really get to trial. you say to the judge, look, judge. i don't even need to get to trial. i was standing my ground. this was a justifiable homicide. i was justified in killing this person because it was kill or be killed. and if the judge agrees with you, there is no trial. >> two mothers in florida have experienced stand your ground laws on a very personal level. sabrina fulton, the mother of trayvon martin and sab breathe a bath have lost their children to gun violence. shooters in each case believed they were justified. now, ms. fulton and ms. mcbath are
back at it again. to clay thompson who had 38 points. the warriors defense led to offense. after the steal, currie hit david lee for the bucket. warriors win 125-94. the average for a ticket tonight at fenway park was around $2,000. cardinals rookie trying to force a game seven, but in the third, shane banged one off the monster with the bases loaded. everybody scores on a triple to make it 3-0 boston. when he strikes out matt carpenter to end the game, it's the third title in ten years and it's the first time since 1918 boston celebrated a championship at fenway. sharks taking on the kings, san jose had a 3-2 lead with under 8 minutes to go. justin williams tied on a power play and the kings win in overtime. bad news there, great news tonight for the golden state warriors who sent a message to the lakers about this division. that's t everybody, let's go back to ken and elizabeth. guys. >> gleet, dennis. you know that last strike and misses, end of the game. first thing that went through my mind, the giants are no longer world series champions. >> there's always next year. ,,,,
on the defensive about its medical care program. the secretary of state got an earful while the penalty promoted it. we have more from washington. >> before there was obamacare, there was romney care, the massachusetts law that was a model for the affordable care act. visiting boston, president obama said the comparison still holds. >> because you guys had a proven model that we built the affordable care act on this template. >> the president spoke in the same spot where mitt romney, his former rival signed the massachusetts law seven years ago. with many now having their existing health care plans canceled, even after he repeatedly promised they could keep them, the president now says they'll be happier with the new plan. >> if you're getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. you're going to get a better deal. >> but for some, that deal could mean higher monthly costs than they paid under their old plan. >> will you go into the exchanges -- >> i -- >> if you can, will you? >> on capitol hill, republicans attacked the changes and person in charge of them, health and hum
earlier, but took advantage of sloppy warrior defense. blake griffin finishes and on the very next visit, he did this three possessions in a row, folks, clippers leading by double digits. rob 1, rolls in on 12. has a one-shot lead after an 8 under 63 at harding. bernard can win the million dollar prize. 49er sack leader, alden smith who is on the roster and will likely play in the first game after the break. he had the five-game absence. left the rehab facility yesterday and activated off the nonfootball injury yesterday. 49ers face the pan theres panthers november 10. that is a safety in a tie game and that is the way it ends in overtime. down goes andy dalton. cincinnati loses to the miami dolphins. that's the signal for safety. >> i'm just praying i get out of here with my life tonight. >> see you at 11:00. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ will ] on my right is the new dodge durango. she's got it all. including 25 em-puh-guh's highway. what? em-pe-juh, muhpuhguh? muh-puh-guh's? muh -- em-puh-guh's? em-pee-gee's? 25 em-pe-guh, em-puh-guh's. i'm saying it right, but it just doesn't sound familiar. hm
a drilling today. president obama got out of town. he just gave a spirited defense of his health care law this boston where former rival mitt romney signed a very similar and successful massachusetts law less than a decade ago. our chief congressional correspondent dana bash is standing by on capitol hill, but let's begin our coverage with our chief white house correspondent jim acosta. the president said he's responsible for obama care's flaws, but he also said that romney care also had a slow start. >> reporter: that's right. as you said, the president traveled up to boston to make those comparisons between his health care plan and mitt romney's health care plan. he was talking about the bumpy rollout. there were some bumps, but not as many in romney care. but there was another mission for the president today and that was to do some damage control acknowledging some of the website problems that have plagued obama care in recent weeks and he made mention of that pretty early on in his remarks. >> there is no denying it, right now the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck
he reported it stolen. in the meantime, the defense never put on any witnesses. only in their loading arguments, the defense attorney said the prosecution never proved her case. in san after relationship linda yee kpix 5. >> linda tells us just a short time ago she found out the jury will get that case tomorrow. >>> a santa clara man pleaded no contest today to charges he threatened a state senator. he faces up to 10 years in prison when he is sentenced. prosecutors say he was angry over a legislation proposed by leland yee that would have band assault rifles. when they went to his home they found bomb making material and numerous illegal weapons. >>> we're getting our first look at the woman who police say is responsible for two dui deaths. police say the 54-year-old hit and killed two pedestrians last week in menlo park. the couple were walking their dog along the street when they were killed thursday evening. their deaths have left three teenagers orphaned. the suspect has a prior drunk driving conviction. she is now facing manslaughter and felony dui charges. >>> a strict new abor
on european citizens. it represents information that we and our nato allies have collected in defense of our countries and in support of military operations. >> reporter: our european allies still not satisfied with this defense. i met last night with the vice president of the european parliament who said a serious trust deficit remains and that deficit is likely to have consequences, including on a major trade agreement the two sides are discussing right now. kate and chris, you have a german delegation visiting the white house. the issue that seems to spark the most anger for the european side is not just that spying take place but it went right up to the leaders such as angela merkel. that's the issue that sparks the most anger. >> all right, jim, thank you so much. interesting, though. mike rogers always says, that's why the president has to have an encrypted blackberry and cell phone. everyone is trying to spy on president obama as well. >> we don't know how much the politics is masking the practicalities these days. >> good one. >>> another storm, not of the political nature, a real on
administration on defensive for another day. kathleen sebelius called the website a debacle. the president went on fe defense today comparing it to another launch that had it's share of problems. >> before obamacare there was romney care. visiting boston president obama said the come p comparison stil. you had a model that we built the affordable care bein care bs temperaturtelltemplate. >> the president says they'll be happier with a new plan. >> if you are getting that deal could mean a higher monthly ctv. zblrntle on dpol hill the republicans attacked the changes. kathleen sebelius was the second in a number of days to apologize for the debacle. the applicants financial data could be compromised. >> would you shutdown the system and give a security test. >> no sir if you read the memo. >> >> i have read it. >> the weekly testing of the devices and including interface testings daily and weekly scans are going on. taken together the problems with the launch have given the republicans an opening to regain footing. >> it's the president's ultimate spoferencibility, correct. spofer
to his attorney, and his defense attorney is still getting back to us. he did tell the "associated press" that pascal is shocked he was charged, he really did fall asleep, and any touching was inadvertent. you michiganed the federal marshal case. he has been removed from duty after he was arrestedded for taking cell phone pictures under women's skirts as they were boarding a southwest airlines flight in nashville. the tsa is investigating that case. >> live in denver, thanks. now a warning going out to thousands of patients that their personal information may be part of a huge tax scam. it's the latest example of a booming type of fraud, one that could cost a -- all of us a lot of money. most of the victims were patients of the orange county health department in florida. investigators came across a hand written list of names, patients who were targets of the scam. patients' personal info was storm, which the scammers used to submit fraudulent tax returns. when the government sent out refund checks, investigators say the crooks pocketed the cash. this is nothing new in the sunshine statem
or in the defense department. they are concerned about it when it hits poor people. poor people of color and not of color. and it really is an attack on poor people in this country. and they are considered as voiceless. it's wrong. and i don't know -- i'm not as -- as -- nearly as versed in the bible as he see, but i do know something about do unto others and you would want them to do unto you. jesus fed the poor. and that was one of the most wonderful commandments that he issued. >> enrollment for food stamps as we mentioned has soared since the recession, but do 47 million people still need it. we have seen the economy pick up. should we see a reduction of people who get food stamps? >> i don't think so. the dow jones average is at a record high, but that effects a very, very small group of people -- >> but unemployment is down significantly. >> the figures on unemployment have changed, because a lot of people have given up on the idea to have a chance to get a job, and those figures don't lie. and then there's underemployment. i know lots of people in memphis who with well educated an
to be fired while players and parents are rushing to their defense. halloween brings out costumes. >> it does. >> let's back it up. tell us more about where the coaches were and what happened. >> last week we were talking about the university of colorado dean who was putting out these letters to students. one of the things they were telling them is to not dress up in black face. these coaches did dress up like the jamaican bobsled team on halloween, putting this picture up on facebook with the caption cool runnings. the fallout begins. there was a parent who saw the picture on facebook, thought it was offensive and called the xal. now t now the coaches are under investigation. they did apologize to their team but they are still being investigated by the school. >> there's been mixed reaction. some understandably upset. they're not setting a good example for anybody. some of the players who have spoken out, defending them. >> there are both black and white people coming to their defense and saying what's offensive about this? we really don't see the big deal. they were dressing up like this fo
as a defense. such laws allow people to use deadly force if they believe their life is in danger. >> catherine: martin's mother say the loss sent the wrong message. >> catherine: their new details after a texas man was arrested after a murder spree. the victim and close some of his own relatives. john laurence reports. goes along with it. -- police believe the man. who 11 judges to rehear this martin's mother says the >> reporter:police in terrell texas say the man suspected of going on a killing spree monday knew several of the victims. police caught up to charles brownlow in a wooded area in the city early tuesday morning. >> reporter:investigators found five people dead across the city, and are still figuring out why it happened. "we have some indications, i don't really want to speculate on a motive we do have several theories that we're working." >> reporter:police were called to the first scene monday evening, and found brownlow's aunt, belinda young walker, shot in the head. >> reporter:a house a few blocks away was on fire. firefighters found the body of mary catherine brownlow. the >>
skakel's former lawyer, mickey sherman, did not provide a constitutionally adequately defense. and that the failures were significant. robert f. kennedy jr., who said his cousin didn't do it, agrees. >> he was preoccupied with glitter and the celebrity. you know, he said at one point to the bar association when he spoke to them, he said he intends to have a lot of fun on this case. you know, it was a man's life at stake. >> reporter: did that lawyer get caught up in the glitter and celebrity of it all? >> i think mickey clearly enjoyed it. but i think that's his personality type. does it make him a bad lawyer? i don't think so. >> reporter: when you hear the kennedys say that? what do you think? >> i think the kennedys will say whatever they want to say. >> reporter: robert f. kennedy jr. told abc news, the suggestion that skakel may get away with murder is an attractive narrative. but he says it's simply not true. he insists police got the wrong guy, george. >> so many different angles, gio. >>> let's talk to our chief league affairs anchor, dan abrams. again, this is kind of
to be at >> i agree that what he did was an act of moral courage and heroism. i believe there are legal defenses to the charges of espionage against him. i don't agree he will get from the president of the united states because the administration is furious that it is spying on everybody from itself, spying on the president of the united states to the pope to the head of the united nations to every american and every person who uses a cell phone or a landline or a text on the country. i don't think they are happy that has been reviewed. connell: it was shot down by just about everybody in the intelligence apparatus over the weekend. >> basically who wants to tell them what they did wrong. in order to do that he has to come here, and to come here yes risk getting arrested. connell: what about the legal arguments in his defense? a lot of people said he is guilty. speak other statutes to protect people who leak information about the government when they are doing something wrong. he is a classic whistleblower. his problem is the extent of the government violating the law was so huge, so enormous, s
. an enemy with fantasies martyrdom. >> rose: he was secretary of defense under president george h.w. bush and press of staff to gerald ford. heart disease threatened his life in the course of his political career. he suffered five heart attacks the first at the age of 37. reconciled himself to dying three years ago when he was at end stage heart failure. a heart transplant in 2012 saved his life. he talks about his experiences for the first time in the new book, it is called heart, an american medical odyssey. he wrote it with the cardiologist dr. jonathan reiner who will be joining us later. i'm please to do have dick cheney back on this program. welcome. >> thank you charlie. >> rose: everybody says the same thing. you look great. you know that. >> compared to what i did, no, three years ago, i was in big big trouble. but they got me -- >> rose: you were thinking about the end. >> i was. i had hours to go, i had lived the full life and grateful for it but i fully expected i hadn't reached the end of my days. my heart was starting to shut down, liver and kidneys no longer receiving an
that they don't typically deal with. >> i have a source that told me this afternoon that this is not a defense department project, not a national security project. this is a google project. how is it that the u.s. coast guard cannot give us information about this? >> it seems to be unprecedented. we cannot really find a case where they are not forthcoming with information. we are pressing ahead freedom of information requests probably to be filed. this is apparently not national security. so they should be able to tell us exactly what has been applied for what's going on. >> so there are three barges registered to the same company? >> there are fourth. we have documentation for the fourth one bal0100 but as far as we know only two of the four are under construction and listed as passenger barges, that one in portland, maine might be farther along as you can see several windows in each container not quite so many. there are different stages but they are almost identical. >> the world waits. we'll have more tomorrow. >> google secrets. >> thank you, allen. >>> breaking news out of marin county
. >> reporter: unanswered questions leading many to come to his defense. >> they should be giving him a medal, not prosecuting him. >> reporter: the marine corps is not commenting further to avoid influencing three officer he'll face at his board of inquiry next month. until then, brezler will focus on his current job, fighting fires and saving lives. ivan wasson, cnn, new york. >> senator ted cruz making another bold statement about obama care. this time he is comparing the people who run the website to nigerian e-mail scammers. the nigerian community is offended. that's next on "around the world." and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there. unisom sleeptabs help you fall asleep 33% faster and wake refreshed. unisom. a st
surge that the administration's been talking about. meanwhile, they're still playing defense, not just on the website problems, but also on this whole question of the president's credibility, selling the law three years ago by saying if you like your plan, you'll be able to keep it. you'll remember, the administration, including the president yesterday in boston when he walked some of that back, still maintained, though, that this only involved a small segment of the market. he said it was basically 5% of the population who have their own -- pay for their own insurance plans, they're the ones impacted getting cancellation letters. but has a report out today suggesting many millions more people may be impacted who have employer-based insurance because of changes in the affordable care act but also because of various market forces. republicans jumping on this to blame the administration in suggesting that many, many more people are going to get cancellation letters while white house spokesman jay carney a few moments ago insisted health care costs are coming down because of th
of the game, but the seahawks defense makes a goal line stand to preserve a 14-9 win. >>> and a brazilian surfer may have set the record for catching the biggest wave. carlos burle took off on a wave near portugal's central coast estimated to be 100 feet high. now the wave that set the record back in january was estimated to be 98 feet, just minutes before catching the monster wave burle rescued a fellow surfer who nearly drowned. >>> coming up on your local news on "cbs this morning," new jersey governor chris christie on the anniversary of superstorm sandy. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." superstorm sandy. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." perfection. at progresso, we've got a passion for quality, because you've got a passion for taste. so, if you're sleepingt in your contact lenses, what you wear to bed is your business. ask about the air optix® contacts so breathable they're approved for up to 30 nights of continuous wear. serious eye problems may occur. ask your doctor and visit ♪ this week at kmart, get 50% off costumes. and,
's department defense gelhaus and then tuesday jeff connected the dots of the officer who pulled a gun on him to andy lopez. he was stunned. >> i don't know where i'm at. i just know that i'm feeling that something could have been done. >> reporter: one of the final emails in the chain says deputy gelhaus will be unavailable to meet for the next several weeks due to unforeseen circumstances. the email dated october 23rd was sent a day after andy was shot. >> i feel forth family. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. >> a lawyer for deputy gelhaus spoke with the "san francisco chronicle." the attorney says gelhaus and a deputy he was training thought andy lopez's gun was a real ak- 47. she said gelhaus opened fire because they believed lopez, quote, posed a real imminent and lethal threat. investigators say a witness heard gelhaus yell at the teen twice to drop the weapon. >>> well, i would imagine some new england baseball fans are still celebrating right now as the red sox are world series champions once again. it's the third series victory for boston in 10 seasons but it's the first time sinc
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and nsa spying story. all of it coming by leaks by the former u.s. defense contractor edward snowden. tonight's revelations involve very big names in the internet and e-mail world. now big companies are calling for new privacy laws to stop u.s. intelligence agencies from breaking into their data overseas. for more on all of it we turn to our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell in our d.c. newsroom tonight. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the tech companies worry they are losing an arm's race with the nsa which nbc news confirms has been hacking into google and yahoo data centers around the world as fast as the company has put up firewalls. vacuuming up e-mail and phone records. google and yahoo data centers in all corners of the globe reach targets by data collection by nsa and british intelligence. as first reported in the "washington post" they found more documents leaked by edward snowden, hundreds of thousands of e-mails, search queries and other activity collected, decoded and filtered and possible intelligence targets transmitted to the n
it syndrome? >> well, clearly the iraqis have to take care of their own defense. the united states has made an incredible investment in helping the people of iraq. they have to take responsibility for the defense of their own country. there is a role that the united states can play, but it's not going to be a military role. >> all right, senator. what about your position on the finance committee? i want to ask you about the impact of the food stamp cutbacks. one estimate indicates every dollar in food stamps leads to $1.70 in economic activity. aside from the obvious impact to the recipients, could cutting food stamps actually slow the economy? >> absolutely. this hurts our economy. we've already seen some self-inflicted wounds with the government shutdown and threatening our national credit. now with the food stamp program, recipients receiving less funds and even threatened further cuts, that hurts our economy. and it hurts people. it hurts people that are very vulnerable. the nutrition is critically important. it's important for young people. it's important for their ability to learn, fo
to encrypt things that law enforcement and the defense department can't read? >> how do you know they can't already? they just may not have acted on it. >> you don't, but coming back to scott's question, we pointed out that even if our proposed machine in 1975 was off by a factor of ten, that is instead of $10,000 per solution, it was $100,000 per solution, that would be reraerased in five yea time because the cost of computing has been falling. you have a valid concern. >> you have been working with national politics and policy for a long time. what do you make of snowden and wikileaks and the idea that fewer secrets make a safer world? >> there are trade-offs. fewer secrets make a safe world in some ways, and they make a more dangerous world in others. one of the reasons we have this problem is after september 11th, the whole country, myself included, got really scared and said -- i remember saying i want my government to be more intrusive in my life. now, i probably overreacted a bit but we got the patriot act, and we got the renewals of the patriot act and a lot of what nsa is doing w
of domestic violence, florida's "stand your ground" law and self-defense. marissa alexander claims she was trying to scare after hur husband when she fired a sickle shot into the wall. >> i believed when he threatened to kill me, that's what he was going to do. >> reporter: now she's getting a a second chance to prove it. she said she was in the bathtub when her husband came after her. >> he managed to get the door open. he strangled me, put his hands around my neck. >> reporter: she managed to get away, grab her gun, and fired. before her first trial, florida attorneys tried to use the florida "stand your ground" law arguing she was immune from prosecution because she feared for her life. >> had i not discharged my weapon at that point, i would not be here. >> reporter: the court denied her claim. it then took a florida jury just 12 minutes to convict her of aggravated assault. she was sentenced to 22 years in prison. it called for a new trial. free marissa campaigns sprung up. this is an example of how domestic violence is often viewed. >> so much of the time when it comes to domesti
traction again today. that appears to be their defense against the health care debacle did dennis: she said sorry but didn't really mean it. what led to the disaster that is obamacare? secrecy. this according to our next guest, a reporter for tech crunch joining us now. you had a nice line in a column you referred to in "the daily beast." the president's signature bill is a culture of authoritarianism, cronyism and secrecy. >> secrecy is destroying obamacare. he refuses to let the public participate in the website. dennis: how so? >> there are three major aspects to secrecy destroying the website. first of all big government contractors are really the only ones who have access to even build the website in the first place. so it favors companies who have put more money into lawyers and lobbyists than programs. dennis: instead of hiring amazon or something. go ahead. >> the second part is it is pretty standard practice in the tech industry to solicit the best ideas from the rest of the world and bring those ideas in. dennis: open source movement. and this is not open source. >> no, no, no. cg
the discharge of firearm within city limits except for the police or in self-defense. today he and councilman pete constant asked for urgent ordinance changing that allowing for the discharge of weapon by licensed trapper only for the purpose of killing the l wild pig. >> it allow to us use the gun in the city limits. >>reporter: he says the state fish wild life biologist think trapping and shooting them is more practical and humane than uvt needs with a chemical process similar to state execution. and transporting them outside the city would be possibly releasing the inadvice i have species into another habitat if they escape. we talked off camera to a trapper who says once the pig is in the trap he shoots at close range with a bee be type gun. emphasizes only license trappers would be allowed to shoot. >> we are thought asking people to hunt them or anything. >>reporter: brook has watched her husband chase the pig off their front lawn. she is not afraid for her safety or for the safety of her boys 9 and 4 years old. and she thinks the pigs should be left alone. >> i still don't fell l
. >> it was a full throated defense of the affordable care act, and she did a necessary job to go out and try and confront some of the critics and explain what is happening. i found two things somewhat curious, one, she actually said that the website had never crashed which in fact, it had. it even crashed this morning. the second one was that she was apologizing, which she certainly needed to do, and the president did an adequate job of that as well, then she shifted the blame to the contractors. when you're apologizing, you're usually apologizing for something you're responsible for. but she put the responsibility on the contractors. it flies in the face of harry truman's line that the puck stops here. >>> the nation's farm bill has centered on funding the $80 billion a year food stamp program but not passing a bill could have unintended consequences for farmers and consumers alike. joining me from washington, d.c. is secretary of agriculture, dan glickman. it's a pleasure to have you on the program. has the farm bill been such a partisan issue historically. >> historically it's one of the
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